Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Quick note from L.A.

We're checked in to our inn on the outskirts of L.A. It's hard to actually say where the city begins, because the suburbs are made up of lots of small cities that have grown together, but at least it says 'Los Angeles east' on the map where we live. It's about 10 miles (16 km) from downtown and Hollywood, and as we found out, that means an hour on the highway in rush hour...

The traffic here is truly terrible. Still, there's hardly any other option than to drive. The city is huge, and even though they have a subway system, a lot of people who LIVE here don't even know it exists. We've decided to give that a miss - we've heard it's not the safest of places.

"The L.A. tube can be very fatal
Somehow we forget to pray to the angels
And the angels make sure that our hearts are devoured
Make us jump from the Eiffel Tower"

(At least that's how I think the song goes)

We checked into the inn and almost immediately left for downtown and Santa Monica where I have a guitar case waiting to be picked up (especially ordered for dad - it's for a 3/4 size acoustic guitar which would be near enough impossible to find in Sweden). At 4.50PM we thought we had plenty of time to reach the shop. At exactly 6PM we rushed up to the store only to find it closed minutes earlier. It took us literally an hour! This was rush hour though, so we'll try to travel outside of those times tomorrow.

We're here for three nights, so we have two full days to explore the sights. One day will be spent at Universal Studios (they have a theme park) and the other we'll see the Hollywood sign, Santa Monica Beach, the Walk of Fame and all the other must-see stuff. Not sure what we'll do first though :)

We have free internet again though, yay!

I'm sure there'll be more here tomorrow, and pics too.

PS. The weather here is lovely! On the Nevada/California border and through the Mojave Desert it was once again around 42C, but down here by the coast the thermometer hovered around a pleasant 30C in the hottest hours, and what felt like around 22-25C once the sun had set. Perfect!

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