Friday, 10 July 2009

Day 10 - on the road again, Panhandle, Florida

Today has been a mix of relaxing on the beach near Panama City and driving leisurely west. We're now in Pensacola in an inn that's a bit rough around the edges for the price we paid, but hey, it's like with the petrol - everything's still about half price compared to Sweden.

We have no pictures from the lovely, lovely St. Andrews beach we went to this afternoon, because we had to make another quick escape from a thunderstorm, but here's some roadtripping goodness instead. No captions needed, the pictures can speak for themselves.

Tomorrow we head off to New Orleans to taste the gumbo, hear the jazz and feel the voodoo of the deep south!

Be seein ya mon!


  1. Jag är glad att det inte var er polisen var ute efter... :)

  2. Hi again sweethearts
    You make all look like my imagination, both in words and pics:)
    I wich I was there to feel it for real

    But hey "stay away from the voodoo"

  3. Gittan: Polisen verkar bara vara ute efter riktiga fartsyndare, och vi håller oss väldigt mycket inom lagen! Igår låg vi flera mil mellan två enorma lastbilar med timmer på, men ingen omkörning här inte!

    Mamma: I'm hoping to see, but not touch ;)

  4. Hehe
    Was long since you where horde
    The trolls say so if you remember:)

  5. Of course I remember :) I feel da spirits with me, I ain't afraid of the voodoo!