Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Day 7 - On the road, Daytona, Florida

Not much to say today - we spent the day making very good progress along the interstate 95 road and completely catching up with our schedule. We drove into and through South Carolina. Our route took us through Myrtle Beach, an absolutely crazy town which seemed to consist of one long street which went on for about an hour. Along this street we saw about 20 mini golf (or fun golf) courses in the shapes of volcanoes, treasure coves (including pirate ships), dinosaur landscapes and Hawaiian islands. There were strip clubs, hotels, restaurants and most of all, lots and lots of neon signs and billboards. I imagine it was a bit like a run-down miniature version of Las Vegas :)

Next state along was Georgia, the coastline of which is fairly short and on the I-95 it only took us a couple of hours to whizz through. One thing I could mention is the cobwebs in the trees. I'm terrified of spiders, you know. Well, of most bugs of any size bigger than your pinky finger nail really. In SC and Georgia, there are trees along the roads that some kind of spider likes. Every now and again, you will pass a tree with the branches and leaves full of cobwebs in huge clumps. Inside the web clumps, the leaves are dying and rotting. The clumps are so big, bigger than footballs. I just don't even want to think about whether they're made by lots of little spiders or ONE big spider. I don't know what'd be worse!

So, making good time over the border into Florida we decided to go on south for a bit. We ended up in Daytona Beach (yes, the famous racing city) where we found a nice, cheap hotel/inn place where we now have a room for two days. Tomorrow, we're off to Kennedy Space centre, about a hour's drive south. Then, on Wednesday we'll head to Disney World in Orlando, about an hour away as well.

This hotel is lovely - a big, comfy bed, pool, breakfast included (saving us about 10 bucks!) and best of all... A laundry room! Just when we started to feel we needed to do some washing.

No pictures today (though I should have taken some of the cobwebs!), but probably tomorrow from Cape Canaveral. Sayonara!

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  1. Hi sweethearts
    I miss you to:)
    I been out of broadband for some days waiting for a new modem as my old one happend to fall in the floor and stopped to work (it was not the cats, it was me that stumbled over 1 or 2 or more wires)
    The cats are fine, they are eating chives evry time I open the balconydoor. But they are more curious now and have been up on the chairs to try to look whats outside the balcony, so I can´t leave them alone for 1 sek out there.
    They both sleep in my bed, when I sleep, or I might say after a while as they start to play around with anything on the floor as soon as I try to sleep, preferly under my bed. And as cats do, they sleep if I am up and don´t move, but follow me around when I try to sort out the mess here. And it takes time, as I am extremly tired after all cleaning in the old apartment etc.
    The wether is perfect for me, raining and pretty cold.

    Save some exciting experience till you come home:) We can have a long dinner and you can tell me all funny, dangerous and exciting moments you haven´t wrote about here:)
    Love and hugs to you both