Sunday, 19 July 2009

Day 19 - Grand Canyon, Arizona

We're exhausted after a full day excursion to the Grand Canyon National Park, but here's a quick recap + pictures.

There were both ups and downs with going to Grand Canyon this particular day. Our first pleasant surprise was that this was one of only three annual entrance fee free days at the park! It's usually $25 per vehicle, which isn't much, but nothing is even less of course. Secondly, Grand Canyon really IS amazing. The professional pictures you will have seen don't do it justice by far, and absolutely not my photos either. It was an incredible experience and the best day of the trip so far.

We'd been looking at different tours. There's anything from mule riding to helicopter rides, the usual bus tours, as well as white water rafting and guided Jeep tours. Everything was very expensive and nothing seemed to really suit us. Once again the park services came to our rescue. There were actually free shuttle buses transporting guests all over the scenic south rim! Friendly drivers, buses departing every 10-15 minutes, plus they went on trails that were only for the shuttle buses so we didn't have to elbow our way around all the people who don't believe in free buses and cling to their cars like a baby to the bottle. So all in all, our best day so far cost us nothing more than the petrol to drive there and back!

But yes, this is an outdoor area and you get the weather that you're served. Today, it was overcast most of the day (overcast = mulet) which meant pictures don't come out great. The Canyon was also hazy with pollution. This varies from day to day depending on where the wind is blowing from, and today the wind was unfortunately coming from the south California / L.A. direction. Last but not least, a rain storm which was actually miles and miles away blocked the sun at sunset, so unfortunately we didn't get to see the classical Grand Canyon blush that you get during sunrise and sunset on clear days.

Still, all of that was trivial. We'll have this day in our memories for the rest of our lives, and if the photos show us a fraction of the beauty, we'll at least be reminded when we look at them.

Tomorrow we're off to Las Vegas. We're booked in the Treasure Island hotel with a room with a view over the Strip! As a bonus, we noticed our road to Vegas actually goes over the Hoover Dam! We hear security is tight there since 9/11 but hopefully we'll get a pic or two :)


  1. It makes me so happy to read about your adventure.
    I can feel you are feeling good together and for me that is the most important.
    It´s not easy to make a long trip like this with somebody else. And you seem to agree about evrything. At least through your eyes Vanja. I wouldn´t mind thou to see some personal words from Mathias now and then.
    And a pic now and then of you Vanja would be nice.
    The cats are fine i promise, but no more visits on the balcony. I tried 1 time after i was scared and Chihiro was going to jump up as soon as i opend the door....
    Love and hugs to you both

  2. Instämmer helt med Mamma. Måste också tillstå att jag, trots min höjdskräck, nästan blev lite avundsjuk idag :)

  3. There's an explanation for everything! I don't like having my picture taken, so I hold on to the camera most of the time :) Also, you know I'm a bit allergic to chlorine. Well, the water here is full of it and my face goes all red and blotchy when I shower, making me even less inclined to be photographed. I've got some hydrocortizon now to rub in and it's a little better. And Mattias insists I'm a better writer, and at the end of the day I usually have more willpower to write about our day when Mattias is tired from driving.

    Of course we don't agree about everything, but yes, most things. So far, we've only had one real argument, and guess what it was about; a sandwich! And as usual we're friends again within half an hour.

    I suppose it's kind of 'my side of the story', but Mattias reads everything of course, and is as eager as I am to check for comments every morning ;)

  4. Well, I do think Vanja is the better writer, and it's her blog after all :) So I'm happy with letting her tell the story. I'll just save my energy for the driving and killing roaches and other bugs that gets in our way (and our rooms).

  5. Ja, det är väl tur att man kan vara bra på olika saker. Ni verkar ju komplettera varandra bra på det sättet. Och det bleve väl bra trist om man inte hade lite olika åsikter ibland? Konsten är att inte låta dem få för stora proportioner ;)

  6. Hi Mathias
    Lucky you are not scared of bugs, as I know Vanja can have a hard time with all sorts of bugs.
    Some argue is just to exspect, otherwise it would be strange, but I know you both as strong persons so you must get along very well:)
    Can´t believe you soon have done half the time. Time fly away(was that swenglish)