Thursday, 16 July 2009

Day 16 - El Paso, Texas

Just a quick note to say we survived Mexico! Crossing the border was not hard at all, and getting back was only a little difficult ;)

Just kidding, the border patrol police were a relaxed bunch of guys and seeing our sunburnt caucasian skins didn't even look too closely at the passport. We made the mistake of walking over the border in the early afternoon, when the sun was at it's hottest. There was barely any shade and with me still not having a hat (I'm buying one NOW, this very evening) I was on the border of getting sunstroke (värmeslag). We only spent just over an hour on the Mexican side before returning to the air conditioned room with a Vanja whose face looked like she just ate a whole jar of Mexican chilis.

I might eat some in a moment actually - we're just off downtown to grab something to eat, and hopefully we'll find a good 'across the border'-restaurant this side of the border ;)

More here later, including pics of the rundown city of Juárez.

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