Monday, 29 June 2009

See you on the other side...

...of the Atlantic, of course!

We're off tomorrow and have spent the last few days packing, moving and steadily building up hype for the trip. Every Sunday for the last couple of months we've been watching Mayday - a TV show about air plane crashes and other flight incidents. Smart move? Hmm... Perhaps not. I don't know if it's excitement about the trip, or a creeping paranoia about blocked pitot tubes and faulty transponders, but my nerves are really buzzing right now!

We had a sad farewell with both mum and the cats. While she's worried that we'll get robbed and raped by biker gangs at suspicious petrol stations, the cats were more alarmed at the fact that mum now lives in a different apartment - yet exactly the same! (She recently moved one floor up)

Before leaving they had a last trip out onto the balcony and hey, this will definitely be the last cat pics you'll see here for 6 weeks :(

Ända mot ända kan inget hända...

Fur - awesome from September-April. Chihiro pants away in the heat.

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Computer cat is teh cute

I know I put too many pics up of our cats here, but how can you not when they're so adorable? Here's Zelda in her favourite spot behind Mattias's screen.

Festive farewell

We had a picnic + after picnic drinks and whatnot for my two closest friends and their other halves. It was a lovely night, made me wish we got around to meeting up together more often! And now we won't see them for six weeks...

By the way, I read in the news today that it's an extremely bad idea to announce when you're going on holiday. Apparently burglars look people's blogs and twitters up and break in and steal all the phat lewt while you're blissfully tanning away at the beach. OK, you burglars reading this: I'm obviously very flattered that you take an interest in the blog, but I'm afraid you'll find that the apartment won't be so empty while we're away. Well, what d'you expect? An apartment in Stockholm + relatives and friends from far away = full apartment when we're away. It's like an en suite hotel room - only free! Besides, the combined value of our hand-me-down furniture and massive amounts of paperback novels aren't worth even the walk up the stairs. You're welcome to keep following the blog as we travel around the states though ;)

Wednesday, 17 June 2009


We'll be afk from the blog this weekend - going to see my nan who is turning 80 and spending the midsummer festival with her and the rest of dad's family. We both got hair cuts yesterday! My result can be seen in the profile pic to the right, and here's Mattias, looking stunning as usual :)

See you all on Monday again!

Monday, 15 June 2009

Hotel in NY booked!

We've booked a room in New York! This is actually the only reservation we'll make, because we're not 100% sure how much time we'll need when driving around. All the other nights we'll try to stay in the cheaper roadside motels, but we felt that we wanted a place to go to on our first few nights without having to look around.

We found an amazingly cheap hotel right in the middle of Manhattan which had a double room available for us. It's called the Belnord, and looks like this:

And the rooms seem small but cozy:

All we want is a clean bed to sleep in. The cheap price (about $100 a night - we're not going to pay this much for the off-location hotels we hope, but for N.Y. it's very reasonable) and the sweet location (between Broadway and Central Park) is an awesome bonus.

Only two weeks left!

Friday, 12 June 2009


Zelda loves to snuggle up under the kitchen rug. If the rug is ever so slightly ruffled up, she'll get her head in there and start pushing underneath it. She can lie there for ages, but if you lift the rug up and look at her, she'll be out in a flash. She doesn't like you seeing her under there, but as long as she can't see us... Well, we can't see her either. Right?

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

News flash!

20 days left.

Ok, here's what our parents have been wanting to hear:

We have home insurance! Yes, it covers for hospital fees abroad :)

In other news, Chihiro needs to go to the dentist. Also turns out cat dentists are nearly as expensive as human ones. That is... dentists for cats. Not cats that are dentists. Anyway, I'm sure this is all to do with her having her tongue out all the time!

Travel blog: first entry!

21 days left.

From now on this blog will be in English, seeing as we have a few non Swedish friends who might be interested in reading about our upcoming adventures in America!

Our days are literally packed with preparation. Today we took the cats to the vet to have their annual shot of vaccine, a month or two early so that we didn't miss it whilst away. I've been on the phone to various leccy, gas and phone companies to sort out electronic bills. That didn't work out so well though, but my lovely mum who's already in charge of the cats and the plants promised she'd check for bills so we don't arrive home to find out belongings being carried out by Mr Taxman!

We've also made a more detailed travelling plan, which I thought I'd share with you all! Of course there'll be lots of little things to see on the way, both planned and unexpected, but here are some of the highlights we'll try to definitely fit in (click on the map for a full-size image):

1. New York. Self-explanatory. We have a return ticket for N.Y. and plan to spend a few days there at the start of the trip, and possibly chilling there for the last few days before we go home as well.
2. Washington DC. Gotta see the capital! We plan on spending July 4th here.
3. Orlando. We're in Florida for a couple of days to see the Kennedy Space Centre and Disney World!
4. New Orleans. One of those places I've always wanted to go. I hope it lives up to my high expectations of mysterious jazz bars and humid, adventure-filled nights!
5. Houston.
6. San Antonio. Apparently very idyllic and scenic. We originally planned to go over Dallas, but changed our minds after reading about S.A. in the guide book.
7. El Paso. We just need to get that Kill Bill / No Country for Old Men feeling, so we're going to El Paso. We're also planning on crossing the border into Mexico (on foot - we're NOT bringing the car. And yes, we've checked with the visa rules, we'll be let back in :)).
8. Grand Canyon national park.
9. Las Vegas - crazy city and cheap luxuruy hotels. It'd be madness not to go.
10. Los Angeles. Spending a couple of days in L.A. to see Universal Studios, the Hollywood sign and other touristy things.
11. San Fransisco. The route between L.A. and S.F. is said to be one of the most breathtaking stretches of road in the country. As for S.F. itself, I really want to see those steep hills and characteristic houses.
12. Redwood forest. After Kim said we'd be a couple of damn fools to miss out on this, we added it to our route even if it's a little detour.
13. Yellowstone national park.
14. Mt Rushmore. You know, the big faces in the side of the mountain.
15. Chicago. Home to so much great music, this city has got to be cool.
16. Niagara Falls.
17. Toronto (Candada). Hopefully we'll be allowed to take the car into Canada.
18. Ottawa. The captial of Canada.
19. Montreal. I hear this is a super cool place.
20. The Ben & Jerry's factory in Vermont! Yum yum!

The green dotted lines are there because we're not sure what road we'll be taking to Yellowstone. On one hand it would be cool to see Salt Lake City (the southern route) and the mormons, but we might be very tired of the desert after so much driving through it. If we feel that it's too hot/boring we'll take the northern route.

So! You people who have been to America before: what kind of recommendations do you have for us? What can we really not miss? Bearing in mind it's more or less within this route. All suggestions and tips are most welcome!

Sunday, 7 June 2009


Jaha, så har man varit och röstat. Det är något enormt charmigt med att promenera bort till Brännkyrka gymnasium och få sitt lilla kuvert. Man har ju trott vid det här laget att man bara skulle kryssa i något på nätet för att rösta, men jag klagar inte. Vi gick ganska tidigt, vid halv 11-tiden så det var inte ännu någon direkt tillströmning (om det nu ens blir det) och på trappan blev vi antastade av valarbetare i smalad tropp. V, M, Junilistan och någon fjärde typ stod och småpratade kamratligt, men så fort någon väljare närmade sig så dök de ner som en flock duvor på ett övergivet korvbröd. Undrar om de höll räkning på vem som lyckades ge ifrån sig flest valsedlar ;)

Vad jag till slut röstade på tänker jag inte säga här, men jag noterade att FI hade fått ut valsedlar hit, och det var ju trevligt för demokratin. Gladdes också åt att jag inte såg några lappar från Sverigedemokraterna (visst är jag konsekvent?). Om det berodde på att de vet att de inte har många sympatisörer i området, eller på att ilskna vänsterpartister hade slängt dem all världens väg, det får förbli ett mysterium.

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Bokat bil!

Nu har vi bokat bil till resan. 39 dagar - tanken svindlar. Vi fick ett hyfsat pris ($500 billigare än Budget) med Alamo och då var det med en extra försäkring om vi skulle råka förorsaka skada på någon annan bil eller människa (försäkring för oss ingick i priset). Fria mil och en försäkran från en glad Bobby i luren att vi kunde åka genom vilka delstater vi vill med bilen. Vi ska försöka hinna med så många som möjligt.

Bilen vi bokade är en Cheva - amerikanskt ska det vara ;) - och ser kanske ut som den här (eller motsvarande:
Det är knappt så att man kan fatta att det snart är dags!