Monday, 29 June 2009

See you on the other side...

...of the Atlantic, of course!

We're off tomorrow and have spent the last few days packing, moving and steadily building up hype for the trip. Every Sunday for the last couple of months we've been watching Mayday - a TV show about air plane crashes and other flight incidents. Smart move? Hmm... Perhaps not. I don't know if it's excitement about the trip, or a creeping paranoia about blocked pitot tubes and faulty transponders, but my nerves are really buzzing right now!

We had a sad farewell with both mum and the cats. While she's worried that we'll get robbed and raped by biker gangs at suspicious petrol stations, the cats were more alarmed at the fact that mum now lives in a different apartment - yet exactly the same! (She recently moved one floor up)

Before leaving they had a last trip out onto the balcony and hey, this will definitely be the last cat pics you'll see here for 6 weeks :(

Ända mot ända kan inget hända...

Fur - awesome from September-April. Chihiro pants away in the heat.

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