Monday, 15 June 2009

Hotel in NY booked!

We've booked a room in New York! This is actually the only reservation we'll make, because we're not 100% sure how much time we'll need when driving around. All the other nights we'll try to stay in the cheaper roadside motels, but we felt that we wanted a place to go to on our first few nights without having to look around.

We found an amazingly cheap hotel right in the middle of Manhattan which had a double room available for us. It's called the Belnord, and looks like this:

And the rooms seem small but cozy:

All we want is a clean bed to sleep in. The cheap price (about $100 a night - we're not going to pay this much for the off-location hotels we hope, but for N.Y. it's very reasonable) and the sweet location (between Broadway and Central Park) is an awesome bonus.

Only two weeks left!

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