Thursday, 25 June 2009

Festive farewell

We had a picnic + after picnic drinks and whatnot for my two closest friends and their other halves. It was a lovely night, made me wish we got around to meeting up together more often! And now we won't see them for six weeks...

By the way, I read in the news today that it's an extremely bad idea to announce when you're going on holiday. Apparently burglars look people's blogs and twitters up and break in and steal all the phat lewt while you're blissfully tanning away at the beach. OK, you burglars reading this: I'm obviously very flattered that you take an interest in the blog, but I'm afraid you'll find that the apartment won't be so empty while we're away. Well, what d'you expect? An apartment in Stockholm + relatives and friends from far away = full apartment when we're away. It's like an en suite hotel room - only free! Besides, the combined value of our hand-me-down furniture and massive amounts of paperback novels aren't worth even the walk up the stairs. You're welcome to keep following the blog as we travel around the states though ;)

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