Friday, 7 August 2009

Day 36 (or did I lose a day somewhere there?)

Quick update from White River Junction at the border of Vermont and New Hampshire.

So, we're in New England now and we can see why they call it that. The area has a sort of British feeling to it, from the rolling hills to the stone churches. Only difference is that everything is relatively new. Instead of old stone cottages, there's a lot of big, wooden, colonial mansions. We did a lot of house viewing on the road today :)

We went to the Ben and Jerry's factory outside Montpelier and to sum it up, we ate far too much ice cream. But it was a really good trip, only $3 for a guided tour and a free scoop of ice cream at the end. Mattias and I got some extra ice cream for being the most faraway guests on that particular tour! The furthest away anyone else was from was Florida.

We like it here. The temperature is pleasant and the mountain air is fresh and sweet to breathe. Hopefully we'll still have the same good feeling when we head down to Rhode Island tomorrow. Not sure if we'll have an internet connection at all for the next 5 days, and after that, we're virtually coming back!

It'll be good with a real breather after our big tour of the states. Don't be worried if you don't hear from us for a couple of days. We'll be walking along the seashore, or lapping up the sun in the B&B garden, or watching the sunset with a glass of wine and some seafood.

Until next time.


  1. Ursäkta en liten fråga, så här på upploppet - har er resa följt den från början uppgjorta rutten, eller har ni kommit på andra resmål under tiden? Jag kollade er karta tidigare, men har sedan inte "följt upp" era olika etapper , så därför frågar jag bara !? Att sedan resan har överträffat era fantasier (för det har den väl?) kan jag förstå, även om nu något kanske inte var som ni hoppats!? Det måste ändå ha varit "en resa för livet"...och lite är fortfarande kvar!! Ha det bra!!

  2. Så skönt att ni verkar få tid att varva ner lite och smälta intrycken något innan ni börjar flygresan hem. Vi längtar efter er och önskar er välkomna tillbaka!