Thursday, 6 August 2009

Day 35 - Niagara Falls

Vanja's back again!

Today we finally swapped the corn fields for something a bit more spectacular. After spending one night in Erie on the tiny stretch of coast that Pennsylvania has onto the Great Lakes, we returned 'home' to the state of New York. The Empire State (such a modest name, eh?) stretches from New York City in the east to Lakes Erie and Ontario in the west and north. By the industrial city of Buffalo, Lake Erie's outflow gathers force as it narrows into the Niagara River and finally gushes out into Lake Ontario in the form of Niagara Falls. The lakes, river and falls also mark the border between USA and Canada.

Below is American Falls, the US part of the waterfalls.

The Great Lakes make up the worlds largest fresh water (sötvatten) area, and the water here seemed very clean and had a fantastic colour:

I promise, I didn't edit the picture one bit. It reminded me of the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean.

We walked around the park area (the oldest state park in USA) and had a look at the Horseshoe Falls, the majority of which are Canadian. Here, you were able to go right up to where the water rushes over the cliffs before falling 61 meters down into the gorge below:

Here are the American Falls again, but viewed from Goat Island, between the two waterfalls:

It was a spectacular experience, and if you're ever in NYC, take a few hours and travel up to the falls - it's really worth it!

We know we've been going on about how much we've been driving, and here we go again. Today we reached 10 000 miles on the odometer! That's 16 000 kilometers, or nearly 10 times the length of Sweden. Imagine 5 round trips from Skåne to Treriksröset and you'll get an idea of all the travelling we've done :)

We spent the afternoon and evening in the car and reached Albany, the capital of New York (that's gotta hurt, I mean... New York City is the best known US city, and not only is it not the capital of the USA, it's not even capital in it's own state!). We're not here for anything special, only spending the night in a roadside inn again. We just noticed that it's very airport-side as well (a jet may very well clip some roof tiles with the landing gear by the sounds of it). I suppose the name "Best Western Albany Airport hotel" should have tipped us off ^^

Tomorrow we head into the part of USA known as New England. We'll go up to Montpelier in Vermont where we're going to visit the Ben & Jerry's factory. If you know what it is, you're jealous by now. If not, nevermind.

Until tomorrow (or until the next internet connection)!

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    ...ändå har man bara sett det på fotografier! (Detsamma torde kunna sägas om Viktoriafallen i Afrika, but that´s another story) Själv skulle jag nog drabbas av svindel att gå på ovansidan av fallen och blicka ner i de väldiga vattnen och skummet! Men fantastiskt är det, så jag förstår om ni fascineras av både detta och annat storslaget under er USA-resa! Hoppas ni gör något slags samlingsalbum när ni kommer hem, med både text o. bilder, som man kunde få se någon gång - varför inte under ett besök här i Göteborg och hos undertecknad!?
    Ha det nu bra under "slutspurten" - ni har fått göra en fantastisk resa, har jag förstått, och det unnar jag er! Njut nu bara av det som är kvar också!!